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New Product - August 24, 2015

OSG’s new premium brand “A-TAP Series”

A-Tap 1

The answer for your troubles lies here

Most of tapping troubles are caused by unstable chip evacuation.

A-TAP Series resolve such troubles and apply to a wide range of work materials and cutting speed.

A-Tap 2

The biggest advantage of A-TAP Series:

The best chip evacuation

A-Tap 3

Key features A-TAP Series

1 - Applies to a wide variety of work materials

Even to mild steel and stainless steel

A-Tap 4

2 - High performance in machining center

Applies to a wide cutting range

A-Tap 5

• Tapping in medium and high carbon steel with water soluble coolant

• Machining center with synchronized feed and rotation is recommended for more than 15m/min

• As the best speed varies by tapping condition, please find it by trial